Friday, August 16, 2013

Homeschool Round Table

The past few years, Central AR Homeschoolers, our local support group (that I am one of the Team Leaders in) has managed to pull off a Homeschool Activity Fair.  The Activity Fair was similar to conventions, but it focused on activities that are local and available for homeschool children.  Places that offered courses, during the day, catered to our needs.  We had dance, music, art, museums, you name it.. we probably had them come.  AND, we usually had an awesome turnout!

As successful as we felt it was, it was also A LOT of work!  This year, we (as a group of leaders) felt none of us had the time to pull it off.  We asked for help from the group - no bites.  SO, with much regret, we did not have one this year.  

In the place of the Activity Fair, with the HUGE help of Education Alliance, we hosted a Homeschool RoundTable Meeting.  The Jacksonville Library was gracious to let us use their meeting room. (Shout-out to the Nixon Library~ they are super huge homeschool supporters!).  We had the entire day set up.  The morning session was dedicated to New to Homeschooling.  There were only a couple of people that showed up for this session.  At first we were a little discouraged by this, but soon realized these ladies needed that attention.   I think the left feeling a little bit better about their decision and had an idea of what they wanted/needed to do.  

The afternoon session was dedicated to Homeschooling High School.  This session was well attended.  Thankfully, in addition to Education Alliance, there were moms who had high school kiddos, moms who had graduated high school kiddos AND there was a third year college/homeschool graduated young man there.  There were great questions asked... great answers from all.  Lots to think about... lots of notes I need to organize and process!  Getting excited, still feeling nervous.  Oh, and I took my High School Prep Genius book and shared with all!  We are talking about a book club of sorts to read through this book together and then get together and discuss it.  

As I process my notes and get them organized, and as we start to progress towards our high school years, I will share what I can on here... and as usual, I am open to your thoughts, comments and suggestions about homeschooling through the high school years...

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