Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gift of Caring ~ Dorcas House

Tonight should have been an Explorers Meeting night for Samantha, but she chose to go to the Girl Scout meeting instead.  This week, Girl Scouts Diamonds is promoting Girls Give Back, and encouraging us to take our Gift of Caring donated cookies to the recipient. Our girls chose The Dorcas House - a home for abused women/children and a drug/alcohol rehab home.  

I kind of have a connection there and was able to arrange a tour of the home. The girls were able to go in and see how things worked - how this house helped women make their lives better - to meet some of the women and children that are living there and to learn of one more place they can volunteer and give their time!  It was a wonderful tour and the girls asked many, very appropriate questions - hopefully some of them will follow through on the volunteering part - maybe even a Gold!

Monday, March 30, 2015

OA ~ kinda a big deal

Right after we switched Troops, they had OA elections. OA- Order of the Arrow - is Scouting's Honor Society.  Not being with the troop for very long, Riley was unsure how that was going to go - since the boys didn't know him - or his scouting skills - very well.  

Tap Out was supposed to happen at Spring Camporee - that was going to take place while we were gone.  We were told if he missed Camporee, he would get a letter. 

When our mail was finally delivered to us, I had forgotten about this.  Both kiddos had a couple of things in the mail, a letter from one of our ScoutMasters was one of them!  About the time he started opening it, I realized what it was.  He started reading it aloud - Dear OA Candidate - and his eye... HUGE!!  We read through all of the stuff and did what we needed to do to get him registered for Ordeal - the campout where they go through all of the secrety OA stuff (maybe I can share more aftr Ordeal - but for now, I know nothing about it!).

Well, at the meeting tonight, they went ahead and did a TapOut for him.  He is pretty excited about the upcoming campout for OA and being a part of it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Taking a break - sorta

We were out of town most of March & instead of sharing it all on here, I used my travel blog and kept it updated while we were gone!  

I have recently started this blog - and I am trying to get all of our trips moved over to it - so, while the blog is not completely caught up - this most recent "Mystery Vacation" is complete.

Here is the link - if you are interested in checking out our trip!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Missouri weekend

We were up and going first thing this morning - headed to Missouri to deliver Girl Scout cookies!  That was Mike and Melissa's ploy to get us to come visit them!!  We took a scenic route and took our time getting there - it was COLD!!  We made a stop at the AR Visitors Center in Mammoth Springs - it was beautiful there and I wish it would have been warmer - so we could have spent more time there!

We had a great visit with our friends and had to leave way to soon... wish we could have stayed longer - turns out it's a good thing we didn't - we ended up in a pretty bad snowstorm on the way home and the 6 hour trip took us 8! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Finished with Digital 101

Last night was my final Digital Basics class at Bedford Photography.  I really enjoyed the class, lessons, assignments and the teacher!  I think I am going to save my pennies and take the second level course - or several others that they offer!!  I learned tons and I am excited to get out and take some pictures and play around with my camera and the settings.  In addition to my candle muffin photo I submitted - here are a couple others I turned in - 

He gave some constructive critisim on our work and I knew before I ever turn it in, that I could have eliminated the crap in the background on the photo of Hydrent -that's not even the shot I was going for, he just happened to be there & I snapped this one.  I was trying to get the fire in the fireplace!  

 I was excited that he told me the photo of the roses was a very good photo and he couldn't find anything to say about it, except it was a very good pic - good color, background, nice flow with the s curve.  (This one was one that I was just trying to find one more thing to take a photo of and these were at the florist in a plastic bucket and I liked the color, so I snapped it!