Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Taking a break - sorta

We were out of town most of March & instead of sharing it all on here, I used my travel blog and kept it updated while we were gone!  

I have recently started this blog - and I am trying to get all of our trips moved over to it - so, while the blog is not completely caught up - this most recent "Mystery Vacation" is complete.

Here is the link - if you are interested in checking out our trip!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Finished with Digital 101

Last night was my final Digital Basics class at Bedford Photography.  I really enjoyed the class, lessons, assignments and the teacher!  I think I am going to save my pennies and take the second level course - or several others that they offer!!  I learned tons and I am excited to get out and take some pictures and play around with my camera and the settings.  In addition to my candle muffin photo I submitted - here are a couple others I turned in - 

He gave some constructive critisim on our work and I knew before I ever turn it in, that I could have eliminated the crap in the background on the photo of Hydrent -that's not even the shot I was going for, he just happened to be there & I snapped this one.  I was trying to get the fire in the fireplace!  

 I was excited that he told me the photo of the roses was a very good photo and he couldn't find anything to say about it, except it was a very good pic - good color, background, nice flow with the s curve.  (This one was one that I was just trying to find one more thing to take a photo of and these were at the florist in a plastic bucket and I liked the color, so I snapped it!

A good time...

A new year is a good time for a change, right?  We made a couple of huge ones the beginning of this year - and so far, so good!  

Roger put in for a station transfer - after being on Engine 10 for 11 years. He was nervous about the switch, but has enjoyed the new station, and his new crew.  They even took off from work the other morning - went to breakfast and then went to see American Sniper together.  He hasn't had a crew like that in a while! One of the reasons he was wanting a change - the station he was at was not very busy, so he moved to one that typically had more calls.  Turns out - it's him!  The station he left has had more calls than his new one since he moved!

Riley also made quite a change this year - after 9 years with the same troop, he sadly decided to move Boy Scout Troops.  He was wanting a change, so we checked around and visited a new troop - he really liked them, so we visited once more and he decided that's where he wants to be - so, I filled out paperwork and got him switched the week.  He is pretty excited about it. The new troop is doing a camp in the first weekend in February and he is excited about that - along with participating in Scout Sunday.  

So, the guys around here have made some major changes and they both seem to be settling in with the new just fine.  Wonder what else is in store for us for changes this year?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Being brave?

So, my word for the year - audacious - meaning being bold and brave and trying new things. Well, here it goes - 

Met my sister at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants - Casa Mexicana. Want to know why it's my favorite place to eat?  Chicken Grande Quesidilla!!  My sis said No - try something new - so I did.  I think these were chicken flautas.  They were OK, not great.  But... I tried something new & I ate it all!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cookies and Milk with the Mayor

One of our Annual Cookie Kick-Off *PR* events that has always been fun and a huge success is having a Milk and Cookies event with the Mayor!  We have three small cities that our service unit is over, so we have many options for people, places and local celebrities!  

This year is Samoa's 40th birthday!!