Thursday, August 15, 2013

First week of school... bust!

So, we were going to start school August 5th.  Here's how my week went.

Monday ~ Got started with no problem.  Had spot on my side that appeared infected, went to doctor.  Spent most of afternoon at the doctor, then at the pharmacy.  Started 1 antibiotic - ended up feeling pretty bad - shivers, freezing, sweating, fever - horrible evening.  Kiddos did get quite a bit done, despite my issues.

Tuesday ~ Roger home in the morning time.  Very little school done when he is home.  Riley had an ortho appointment- in the middle of the day.  Still not feeling great.  We struggled through completing Monday's work.  

Wednesday ~ Roger was home, went to help a friend with the 4wheeler.  Samantha did some of her reading and independent work. Me, back at the doctor, my side getting worse. First Aid Class with CERT (while I felt like ugh!)

Thursday ~ Roger at work - me in pain!  More than I could handle.  In bed most of the morning, until my mom decided to take me to the ER.  Went with the thought that they would admit me.  Wrong- ER doctor decided that whatever infection I had in my side needed to be drained- so she hooked me up to a pain med IV and sliced my side open and drained it... yuck!!

Friday ~  Roger at work ~ me in bed in pain and on pain meds.  Kiddos did do some of their independent work, and helped out greatly around the house. Kiddos had a Light Search & Rescue CERT Class this evening.

Saturday ~ 7am - mom took me back to the ER to get my packing and bandage changed.  CERT Final at 9am.  After class.. back home to bed.  

So, here it is Thursday morning, 9days into our new school year and according to my plans, we have completed 3 full days. Looks like we have some weekend work to do...

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