Saturday, January 19, 2013

Court of Honors ~ and an extra recognition!!

12/11/12:  The last Court of Honors for 2012 was held the beginning of December.  At that CoH, Riley was given his Chemistry Merit Badge and then he sat back down.

When the rest of the program was over, he was called back up, with the SPL.  He had no idea why.  SPL picked up the bowling pin for most acheived.  He said that he felt like Riley earned the pin this time around because he was always in uniform, showed a good spirit, was helpful with the younger scouts and.... "what Mr. Steve has to share".

What Mr. Steve had to share was that he had finally gotten through to the right person at the scout shop and FINALLY after 2 years, Riley was going to be recognized for his act of bravery at Big Cedar - in October of 2010. Mr. Steve said he is getting the Certificate for Meritorious Action.  (This was all written on 12/11/12 - after the Court of Honor, however, I am holding off on posting until I know for sure about his award and what it is actually called and when he gets it).

January 19, 2012 - 
We attended the District (b-o-r-i-n-g) Banquet for Scouts and Riley was called up close towards the beginning and presented his Meritorious Action Award in front of about 75 Leaders and adult volunteers in our area.  He had no idea he was going to be called out at the big meeting...he thought we were going to support Mr. Steve (who, ironically DID get an award - that he didn't know about).  

After the meeting was over, Riley also got to go to the front with the rest of the award recipients and everyone got to go through the line and say something to him.  Even though the banquet was long and boring, I am glad he was able to (finally) be recognized for what he had done.

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