Thursday, October 21, 2010

Saving lives appears to be what it's all about today...

Today was the day we split up - guys usually go play golf and the girls go shopping... the guys opted out of golfing, but we continued out with our plans...

While most people head to Branson for the outlet malls, and yes, we do our fair share of shopping there, we usually hit up the thrift stores.  There are eight that we know of that we try to hit on a regular basis.  When shopping for kiddos- I hate spending too much money for something they will grow out of.  Shopping for myself lately has been the same - with my meds, my weight fluxes so I even hate spending a lot of money for clothes for me.  I usually have better luck for the kiddos than I do for myself..

The big score of the day as far as shopping- I found 5 pair of IN GOOD CONDITION pants for the kiddos - $4 for all 5 pair!  Winner!!  Another great find was a dress of some sorts for Samantha - she is going to be an Egyptian Princess for Halloween AND we will be able to use the dress again in Feb when we do Thinking Day with the Girl Scouts - we chose Egypt for this year!!  $5 for the dress - it needs a bit more, but it is a start!

Well, while going through the area that we found the dress in, we heard a loud thunk, followed by, I think she just fell..  Sherrie and I both took off towards the front and sure enough, some lady had passed out- flat into the floor at the front door.  Sherrie immediately went to her side and started all the first responder/medical stuff while I argued with the volunteer lady to call 911.  She was looking for the lady that worked there so she could do it... she wouldn't give me the phone so I could.  Thankfully the lady appeared and called 911 and had the ambulance on the way. After digging the CPR shield out of Sherrie's purse, I grabbed the fallen lady's purse and went to the counter with it.  About the time I found an ID card showing her name Jane Doe- I heard Sherrie asking - Jane, is that your name..s the lady had come to enough to say her name.  That was all she knew, but she knew that.  When Sherrie said it aloud, I repeated it and some lady standing close by says - that's not Jane Doe- I know Jane Doe.  My response to her was -Ma'am - this is the purse from the lady that fell and she said her name the same time I found it in her wallet.  She says - I am with Jane... what do I need to do.  At this time, I realized my van was parked right at the front door, so I went out to move it so the ambulance could get in.  I stood in the parking place, made a couple people mad, and waited to flag down the ambulance.  After some convincing, they did talk Jane into going to the hospital - she was from somewhere in TX over 10 hours away and didn't want to.  After the ambulance drove off, we paid for the dress and left.. not realizing until we were across town that we never finished looking through the store...

Turns out the guys went shopping as well and were not too far from us, so we met them at the Uptown Diner for some lunch.  There was a guy singing, he flirted with Samantha a little, and had a great voice.  Doug ended up buying a couple of CD's from the guy and the kiddos got to meet him and talk with him-

After that round of excitement, we headed back to the cabin (not with out stopping at the scrapbook store first).  Kiddos went on a walk again, fed the ducks and turtles. They came back wanting to go swimming, so we all got ready to head down to the pool... upon entering the clubhouse, we were followed in by yet another ambulance.  Someone was ill in the parking lot.  Not sure what the deal was there, but two ambulances in one day... plenty for me!

If that all wasn't enough... the kiddos were in the pool playing (along with about 15 other people- mostly kids) and we were all sitting at the table helping Gramma Jean with the crossword puzzle.  Hearing coughing coming from the pool, Sherrie freaks out, jumps up and runs over to the side of the pool.  Riley has another child, practically around the neck, pulling him to the steps.  The other child was choking/coughing and trying to stay above water. It was just deep enough that Ry was trying to stay above water also.  He got him to the edge and one of the child's grandparents reached down and pulled him out.  Sherrie helped Ry out and asked what happened.  Ry said he was underwater and he could see the other child going under and not being able to touch, trying to stay above water, so he swam over there and helped get him out of the water.  He was super calm about it!  We were all SO proud.

I think that is definitely enough excitement for one day...

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