Thursday, January 17, 2013

Meet the Monsters!

When we left our first Archery Class, Roger wanted to run by Fort Thompson to check on something.  While he was in there, I stayed in the car, on FB.  One of my friends posted something about NITEMARE being at a Verizon (or Cricket) store that we were fairly close to.  Since we were not able to go to Monster Jam this weekend, we figured the least we could do was go see the trucks and meet the drivers.

While we were looking at NITEMARE, someone told us that GraveDigger was close as well, so we took off to find it also.

Kiddos were amazed by how huge the trucks were - NITEMARE seemed a bit larger than GraveDigger.  We got to meet the drivers of both trucks and they even got GraveDigger's drivers autograph.

They made me stand by GraveDigger also... this has always been my favorite - like back when it was jut Bigfoot and a couple of others...

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