Thursday, January 17, 2013

Archery Club ~ giving it another chance

Several years ago, the kiddos got involved in a shooting sports group.  They really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it, but the time it took us to get out to the range and home was killing us.  We sadly stepped away from the group, but not the interest.  

Towards the end of last year, a mom in our homeschool group said she was looking to start up an archery club and was curious of the interest.  At the time that email went out, the day wasn't convenient for us, so we passed.  Apparently, that day didn't work for anyone - good news for us!!  Once the holidays were over another email went out and we were able to get back into shooting!

It had been a while since they shot their bows, in fact, Samantha's needed to be repaired (grrr). It has been so long since they shot, that they have almost outgrown them!  We are going to make it work for now.  

Even though it had been a while, they were both able to pick them up and carry on like they had missed nothing... well, except the target!  Both enjoyed the time shooting and the time spent with their friends, so (if the day stays the same) we will be attending Archery Club this year with our homeschool group.

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