Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Headed to Florida ~ Made it to Vicksburg

We headed out this morning on the way to Florida - final destination - Panama City - the beach!! Our original plans were to head to Vicksburg and see some of the Civil War sites... but, after Isaac came through, we were unsure how that was going to work out.

On the way down, we were able to stop at Arkansas Post Museum.  It was a little off the beaten path, but since we are working on the Arkansas Civil War Patch Program, it was worth it... it was a pretty neat park also.  We watched a short video about where we were and why it was named that.  It was a neat story - we were at the first place that was "settled" in Arkansas and it was also the original State Capital. 

Our next stop was Lake Chicot State Park - I'm glad we went there and got the stamp, but we won't be headed back anytime soon!  It may have been OK if we were going to camp or whatever, and it worked fine for a quick lunch stop.. but not on my list of places to return to any time soon.  Oh, we did, however, find two caches there - one a state park cache that has the number we need for the Great State Park Cache.

Lakeport Plantation wasn't too far from Lake Chicot SP, and it was a stamp stop, so we headed that way.  They offered tours at 10am and 2pm... it was 3pm.  Plus, there was a sign saying they were closed for renovations 9/6-9/21 and so by us arriving after the last tour on the last day, we didn't get to see anything but the outside.  We went into the Visitor's Center, but there was no one there.  We waited for a few minutes and then I spotted the stamp and pad, so I stamped our books and we left for the state of Mississippi!

Going into Mississippi, there was a really cool new bridge!

Once in Mississippi, we stopped at the welcome station.  It is a cool old steam boat and has a small museum upstairs in it.  While we were there, I checked in with my parents and my mom told me there was something donated by my Pepaw's family there!  Kiddos had been there with mom not to long ago and when I mentioned that, they suddenly remembered what it was and where it was. It was a bell, and apparently that picture is on Roger's phone..

We found a hotel in Vicksburg and got checked in and then were off to find dinner.  We found a hole in the wall called The Tomato Place. It was OK, I don't think Roger was too impressed with it.  It was seriously a hole in the wall!!  I posted something on my facebook about it and a good friend said she loved the place and was jealous.. which was pretty neat, seeing as how I had never heard of it. Unless your adventuresome... I don't recommend it.. if you want to be like Guy - it's a dive!!

After dinner, we returned to the hotel room and the kiddos spent the evening swimming in the pool...

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