Thursday, September 6, 2012

From Vicksburg....

Up and going first thing this morning and we went to Vicksburg National Military Park. Absolutely awesome! If you're ever in that area- go! If you are a Civil War buff - go! It's a huge drive through National Park. Cost $8 for all for of us to get in and totally worth it.

The kiddos got a Jr. Ranger book and we worked on it through the park and we learned so much!! We even learned (after the fact) that the Shirley House even belonged to my dad's side of the family!! (if I would have know that before, we would have spent a little more time at that stop). I have a good photo of the Shirley House, that Roger took (It was up as many stairs as the Louisiana Redan, so I didn't go up) but I am having issues getting it to upload to anywhere I can access it....

I am going to share a few photos and such, leaving this post for Vicksburg National Park only, and another post to follow-up for the rest of Thursday.

Memorial Arch

Louisiana Memorial Redan with part of the cool bridge

Up the stairs to the Louisiana Redan 
(I didn't go up them!)

USS Cairo - mostly original parts - 

kiddos watching a video about the Cairo

Roger and I out on the deck by the Cairo

up close and personal with the ship

the pilotdeck

part of the wheels

Vicksburg National Cemetery - over 17,000 buried there, 75% of them are unknown graves

Arkansas Memorial

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