Friday, October 22, 2010

The week in Branson...

For some reason I didn't take too many pics while we were in Branson this time... I did get a few of the morning sunrise -
This was the first morning we were there - looking out over the balcony to the south.. it never rained, but we were in the clouds several times...
This was the same morning, when we got down the stairs and headed towards the car... I wasn't sure what it looked like when I was taking it, but I thought it turned out pretty awesome!

We arrived Sunday evening in time for dinner and hung out for a while before bed.

Monday we went into town and shopped for a few... Samantha got new shoes - I will get a picture of those and post them soon - pretty wild!! We went to the library thrift shop and all scored some great deals! The rest of Monday was spent for the kiddos- taking a walk, feeding the ducks and turtles and swimming!

Tuesday we got up and went to Dogwood Canyon.

Wednesday we went and played put-put and had some Cold Stone Creamery! For dinner, we had some family friends over that live in Springfield - we try to get with them when we go to Branson.

Thursday... well, that was a post in itself...

Friday... our day to travel home - there were pics at the Buffalo River again and that ends up being a post in itself as well..

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