Saturday, October 23, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 13 - Goals

Goals... are we talking daily? weekly? monthly? or even long term?  I don't have any written down any where, but I do have a few things in my head that I know I would like to accomplish...

This next week: Finish getting things unpacked and laundry done.  General clean-up/clutter control at my house! I also would like to catch up on my blog!  I'm not too far behind, so that should be an easy fix!  I have plenty of things on my daily to-do list as well...

This next month: The house is in true need of a DEEP CLEAN!! I also hope to get caught up on some things for the fire department that I have been working on.

This next year:  I want to read through the Bible.. all the way... preferably with the kiddos! I am hoping to also get caught up & maybe even ahead on our bills?  I would also like to get my health under control, which means not only losing a few pounds, but getting my Lupus in some sort of remission.

Other long term goals - homeschool my children all the way through?  At the least make sure they have the best education possible!

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