Friday, October 22, 2010

Headed ready to be there

I was glad to get home today...

We left out soon after breakfast and stopped at the Buffalo River on the way home.  I wish we would have had a picnic lunch... the weather was perfect.  We hung out there for a while... the water was cold, but that didn't stop them from playing in it...

After our splashing in the river, we stopped and had lunch then hit the Pumpkin patch!  
Samantha's new shoes.. she is so proud!

We were not the only ones glad for us to be home - Chunky wanted the kiddos to spend the night, Billy came over and hung out for a while - then he and Rog went to chop some wood (yay! now we just wait for fireplace weather!).  Chelle also came over, brought pizza, which caused the guys to come home.  We hung out and played guitar hero and chatted the rest of the evening...
Time for me to get into my OWN bed... nite all!

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