Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grapevine Update ~

Do you remember back in August when I reviewed Grapevine Studies?  Well, I have a couple of updates that I would like to share!! First, we are moving right along with our Old Testament Overview.  This week, we have been learning about King Solomon and all of his writings.  I also thought that the time was right with us learing about Solomon- first of the month is Monday - we are going to start reading a Proverb a day.  Not sure if that all ties together, but I am going to make it somehow!!  We will finish up the Old Testament at the end of this school year and be able to start next fall on the New Testament!!

That is one update I have!  The other ~ check out Grapevine Studies! They have a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!!  There are also part of the social networkings as well!  Here are 3 more places you can find Grapevine Studies and Dianne! Facebook - Group: Grapevine Bible Studies ~ Facebook - My Page: Dianna Summers Wiebe ~Twitter: GrapevineStudy

We have honestly really enjoyed Grapevine Studies this year.  It is the first Bible Curriculum that we have stuck with!

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