Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Only Wednesday...

Not many errands to run today!  The kiddos had music lessons and then we had to grab some groceries.  They did have a little school work today and then they did a lot of helping me at the grocery store with my coupons and the sales.  Before we headed out today, we planned the next week's menu and I decided to give them each a day to plan and help cook their meal for that day.  Samantha chose individual pizza's and Riley chose spaghetti.  This was the first time I have ever had them do this, so they went easy. I am going to try to encourage them to help me by have one day that they are responsible for the meal.  I am going to encourage them to flip through the *many* cookbooks that I have and find something and follow a recipe.  I think they will enjoy that!

As I got home from the store, I found out there was an issue with a medical test that I needed to do on Thursday, so I spent some time on the phone trying to get that straight - Rog and the kiddos got all of the groceries unloaded and put away for me!

One of our scouts came by to pick up some cookies and Samantha invited her to church.  Riley opted out of church tonight since he found his Pinewood Derby car, he wanted to work on it for the race this weekend, so I took the girls.  Love it that Samantha and her scout friends are such good friends!  Love it that I know the girls she is friends with and I know their parents.  Three of my scouts go to our church, then we invited E tonight.  So, one of my scouts is wanting to sing I Am Free by the Newsboys on Scout Sunday and she has asked that the other girls (scouts and a couple that are not) learn the chorus in sign and sing it with her!  They are pretty excited about it..they only have a few days to learn it, but we want it to be fun!!

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