Thursday, February 25, 2010

Prayers for my health please...

Kiddos got a semi-break from school today.  They took the Black Stallion book over to mom's and read their next chapter and did the questions over there.  They also had some free education computer time.  They had to go to mom's because after my appointment last week with my Rheumetologist, he wanted me to have a Pulmonary Function test done.  I don't care for those...seeing as how I can't breathe anyways... they are just hard for me.

The tech who was working the machines was wonderful!  She was very caring and we talked a lot about my issues.  She said that my levels were pretty bad and she hoped that my doctor would get with me soon about what to do.   Her personality helped ease the test a little ~ still wasn't able to do all that was required...

Once home, the kiddos and I read the chapter in History.  We are reading Story of the World Vol. IV and today's chapter was Argentinian President and his wife.  It was important that we get that read today so we could do the 'project' tomorrow!  They needed to know what was going on for first thing in the morning...will share more on this tomorrow!

Samantha had speech.  Her therapist says she is doing pretty well.  She has homework after each session (duh..couldn't correct things in an hour a week).  Samantha seems to enjoy speech, however, she has mentioned to me a couple of times that she does not care anything about going to school there.  We ran into Granpa picking up Chunky so he took Riley with him so he wouldn't have to go to Girl Scouts with us.

Samantha and I watched Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.  I am going to have to watch that one again... she spent so much time talking to me, I missed most of it!

Dinner was chicken patty sandwiches on homemade garlic bread and smashed taters, then off to Girl Scouts!

The girls are working toward their Bronze award and one finished up her Leadership section by teaching the others how to make topiary plants.  They all went home with a needlepoint ivy plant that was starting to work it's way up some wires that were in various shapes.  They are working hard on their Bronze Award project and I am so proud that it appears that they are all going to accomplish it!!  We have a few more meetings to cover things and a make-up day coming up soon!  Keep watching for details of the project and what they do to help better the community!

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  1. Hope you are feeling okay. Look forward to hearing about the girls' Bronze project!


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