Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Homeschool Crew: Grapevine Studies ~ Old and New Testament Overviews

After trying to decide what I wanted to use and how I wanted to teach the kiddos Bible, an opportunity came to the Crew to review Grapevine Studies Bible Curriculum.  Talk about excited!!!

I spent a little time checking out the Grapevine site, but pretty much new from the start that I wanted to go with the Old Testament or New Testament Overviews.  Imagine my THRILL when I was able to receive them both and do a review on each of them!!!  Each program is designed to be a year long, So, in order to give an honest review on each selection, the kiddos and I got a jump start on schooling!  Since they are pretty similar in the way they are set up, both being overviews, I am including all the information about each of them in this one post. 
I was very excited when I finally got my email with my downloads!  There were a Teacher Manual and a Student Workbook for each Testament.  I opened the OT Student book first and started scrolling through it.  I felt very overwhelmed ~ at first!  Then, the more I looked thru it, I realized how simple, yet how informative these studies were going to be.

The very first Lesson in each overview is a time line.  We spent a couple weeks on the Old Testament Timeline, paused with the Old Testament and kept on going with the New Testament Timeline.  Once we finish it, we will pick back up with the next lesson in the Old Testament and use this study for 4th and 5th grade Bible!

We finished Lesson 1 in each of the Overviews just in time for us to start school.  When we started, we picked up with Lesson 2 in the Old Testament Review.  At first, I thought the stick figures were a little silly.  Come to find out, they really are fun!  I think the kiddos are committing it to memory when the do the little drawings with each lesson.
This program is great for home-school students, would be great for a co-op type class, and would be a really fun Sunday School Class. For more reviews on this product, please click on the crew banner at the top of the post.

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