Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What a busy day

In honor of NOT having to go back to school today (like the rest of the county), we met some friends at Shipley's  Donuts for a small celebration.  Had a nice time - 7 families, totaling 21 children - on a sugar high!  Gotta love that - and if that is not enough ~ there was a customer in there that they ended up calling 911 for.  Fire trucks and police coming in with lights and sirens was a great way to end that adventure.  Thankfully we had cleared all of the kiddos out before the FF all piled in!
We left there and headed to the library to pick up some more bird books - Riley is really into flipping through the field guides and letting me know he has seen one or the other.  Samantha got into reading about Purple Martens on the way to the doc!  She is interested in those because my Pepaw has Martin boxes at his house.  We learned they probably won't like our yard because we have too many trees and they like to swoop!
Samantha had another bloody nose last night, so I called the ENT first thing this morning and SHOCKER!  they called me back within the hour.  He even made time for her to come in today so he could check out a fresh bleed. 
We ran a few errands, had some lunch, then off to music lessons.  After that, we headed over the river for Samantha's appointment.  He did find the source of the bleeding, just a vessel inside her nose.  She will have a minor out-patient surgery to have it cauterized to see if that will stop the bleeding.  One issue solved (hopefully) only about a dozen more with her ENT area to go!  She is nervous about sleeping and shots.  Please keep her in your prayers until after this is done.
We rushed home, had a yummy chicken fried rice dinner, then off to church.  Great lesson tonight!  Couple of the verses really spoke to me! 
Everyone is in bed, and I am headed there myself.  School and house work tomorrow!

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