Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally Friday

Sorry there was no up date from Thursday ~ it was a rainy day and we did NOTHING exciting ~ school and then they worked on their rooms ~ they got them MOMMY CLEAN ~ as they like to say!  That was ALL!!
Friday was a bit more fun!  We got up at a decent time, jumped in and got our schoolwork taken care of right off the bat!  We had to run get our tires checked, Rog was a little concerned about them, then after lunch, we headed to the pool with some friends.  I did get some really cute pics, but they do have other children in them, and they are in the pool, so I will not be adding them here.  If you know me, you know my website that you can go visit to see our homeschool photos!
The kiddos went to gramma and granpa's for the night and we headed out to the River Market with some friends!  Spent the evening at the Piano Bar, had a blast!  It was almost midnight when we got home, and then we got a fire call, so we ran down there.  We are both finally home, tired and ready for bed ~ bust day tomorrow!

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