Saturday, August 22, 2009

Super Saturday

My gang - Rog, Samantha and Riley - all took off to the lake this morning to spend the day hanging on the boat.  As of right now (almost 8pm) they are not home.  I am expecting them soon though.
I didn't go because I had a GS thing this morning.  We helped out at the church wrapping shoe boxes for the Christmas project that the missions are doing.  They wrapped almost 30 boxes.  Very helpful to the ladies who were organizing this.  It is similar to the Samaritan's Purse deal.  All of the boxes they wrapped were STUFFED!  There was even some leftover goodies, so we are hoping that more shoe boxes come in. My co-leader and I are counting this towards some of their service hours toward one of their awards they can earn at this age.
After our wrapping session I met up with two of the girls and their mom's at JoJo's BBQ and had me a YUMMY BBQ sandwich and some AWESOME fries (thanks Marie and Pebbles!).  From there, I ran thru Walgreen's and grabbed a few things and came home.
I spent the afternoon typing up some reviews on here, organizing my pictures folders (they were out of control!) doing laundry and chatting with some friends on Facebook.  Kinda boring, but was nice and quiet!  The only thing that I didn't accomplish (yet) that I wanted to today was get the kiddos folders ready for school next week.  We will be having an unusual week next week, so I have to be completely prepared!  I think I may still can get that done tonight - while they are rotating thru the shower.  I think I hear them now!  Be blessed!

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