Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday ~

I am lovin the cooler weather, but it is causing me some pain.  I woke up not feeling all that great, lots to do and was thinking about skipping church ~ just so I could get thru the day.  Both kiddos woke up and were ready to go to church before I could even talk about it with we went.  And I am glad we did.  Service gave me something to read on and think about.
We came home and had some lunch, and did a quick clean on the house.  The kiddos went to hang out with my dad while mom, Chelle and I went to the hospital to visit my cousin who just had a preemie baby girl. Her shower was supposed to be today, and even though she was in the hospital still, they were given permission to go ahead with it.
Back at home, we finished up all of the laundry so we can pack ~ then it was off to my sisters for taco soup and games!  Had a great time ~ kiddos are in bed now and I think I have done all I care to do for the day, so I am headed there myself.

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