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Discovering Patterns: Math, Logic and some Science

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Math around here happens whenever we can.  Up until this past year, we used Math U See, but something wasn't clicking with it/them, so we stopped and have backed up and are doing some review.  Curriculum, we are using Spectrum 6, along with another 6th grade math workbook and a word problem book.  I chose the word problem book because that is what half of their standardized testing is. Word Problems.  And while they are not *hard*, they can still be confusing... especially if you are under any pressure - like state mandated testing!

In addition to the workbooks, we use life as our math... they love finding out that something they are doing and enjoying turns out to be math!  Cooking, games, shopping (they can coupon shop with the best of them!) & most recently, I handed over their savings account booklet & took them to the bank.  We play Yahtzee, FracTazMic & Toss Up. Oh, and an upcoming review is a math... look for it to appear on my blog this month!

For science, we are Apologia all the way! We have studied through the Botany, made our way through the Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day and flew through the universe with Astronomy.  This year we are trying to work our way though the Anantomy book.  We are struggling with science... well, not really science, but Anatomy.  We have done many other sciencey (is that a word?) things.  We have made it through the first couple of lessons, made an edible cell, put together a skeleton & some of the notebook work.  Other things we have done ~ cooking (wow, cooking falls into all sorts of curriculum categories), power labs at the library, and I have a few Science Fair project books that are available to them and we have done a few projects from there. Oh, and we can't forget when life happens!

Math and Science are such a part of life that even when we aren't *in the books*, we are still getting it!
Math Lapbooks---Virtual Curriculum Fair Week 2 Angie Wright @ Petra School
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  1. I agree, math and science are kind of unavoidable in daily life. ;0)

    Thank you for joining the Virtual Curriculum Fair.


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