Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More *critter science* from the backyard...

For the past few years, we have had a trio of box turtles - Alvin, Simon and Theodore - that hang out in the back yard.  They were found and brought to the backyard, and the way the fence is, they are *stuck* here with us.  We usually find them each spring and relabel them with their initials (red fingernail polish- usually lasts long enough for us to tell who is who).  We didn't see much of them this year though.  

Roger finally was able to get around to the burn pile today, and this is what he found:

My hand, a nickel, a quarter and a baby box turtle....
Sadly, I know turtles lay more than one egg & this was the only one we found.  He is in a small terrarium on the table now, waiting for spring and to be labeled and released into the back yard.

We also found three baby garter snakes, but they are not as cute.  We have them in a terrarium as well...

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