Friday, January 2, 2015

Not off to a bad start...

... in regards to my challenges that I posted yesterday!

I was truly lazy and really didn't do much productive yesterday - well, at least it didn't appear to be productive. I actually got tons done!  

Today, however, was a completely different story!  We started about noon, and Roger and I cleaned out our big freezer, our fridge/freezer, both top and bottom of our pantry and the spice cabinet!  We did toss some stuff, but not too terribly much!  We also made a list of everything and where it is stored!  I have an app on my ipad called Prep & Pantry Inventory (was a little costly, but I did get an iTunes card for Christmas) and I was able to get everything from both freezers listed in the app.  Still need to do the pantry and the spice cabinet, probably not going to do the fridge, since we use it more frequently!

This afternoon was just the boost  I needed to get motivated to work on the rest of the house!  First thing we need to do this weekend is load up the car for a trip to Savers (similar to the Goodwill).  I am also going to make a master list of every individual area that needs to be cleaned and decluttered - because I work better when 1. I have a plan and 2. I can cross things off!

I didn't get much reading done today - but was super busy - so maybe I can work in some reading time tomorrow!

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