Monday, January 5, 2015

Crazy Busy Monday ~

Since we literally did NOTHING day Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (well, ok, we cleaned a little - but I stayed home!) I had a mile long list of errands to run today - before we went to the hospital for my dad.  

We got up and got going and knocked those errands out with no problem!!  Everything went smoothly, there were no lines, no crazy people driving and getting in my way!  We got to the hospital in time to see my dad (Poppi, as the kiddos call him). He has Congestive Heart Failure and last time he was in the hospital they caught something with the bottom part of his heart - that may have been the cause of his a-fib - and the doctor decided to do something about it.  He was in 'surgery' for about 3 hours but the doctor came and talked to us and said he thought everything went fine.

We waited for a little bit for him to get settled to go visit with him, but a couple of other families came in the waiting room and two of them were coughing pretty nasty - so I decided it was time for us to go...

He was doing ok and the doctors are keeping him overnight for observation.

Once we got home from that, it was a quick find something to eat - Roger went to the Fire Department and Riley visited a new Boy Scout Troop.  He didn't say a whole lot about it, but the things he did say makes me know he is thinking hard about his decision to move troops. Recharter is in February, so I told him we could visit a few times and he could have a little time to think about it.  We are trying to leave this decision totally up to him - but I don't know if we can... sometimes things happen and the adults need to make a decision that's best for everyone.  We shall see..

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