Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Class for MOM!

I do so much for the kiddos - all kinds of extras, running and going and doing - that it's nice to actually get to do something for myself! 

For Christmas - my hubby got me a nice new SLR camera.  It is similar to a model I had back when we used film - but I never really learned much about it.  Roger also, for my birthday a week later, told me to sign up for the basic camera class at Bedford's.  

I was a little nervous  - new people, new things - but I went on ahead!  What fun!  I was surprised to know that I did know quite a bit that he went over at the first class - although, I learned tons as well!  I'm exited for the next class and to see what else I can do with my camera!

Here's one I took just playing around - Samantha made Roger and I chocolate chip muffins for our birthday breakfast...

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