Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Oh, I have another class..

Last semester, Samantha, Riley and I signed up for a Beginner's Sign Language Class.  It was a 10 week class that met once a week.  The kiddos and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we learned tons!  

The teacher had several of us that were interested in taking an intermediate class, so she offered to teach a second class.  We signed up for that one as well & it started this week. 

This week was a review of what all we learned and 'should have been practicing' over the holidays.  I was impressed with how much all of us - the other kiddos in the class also - had retained or how fast it all came back to them!

Tonight was also our first Girl Scout Leader's meeting - lot's of great things coming up this spring!

Oh!  I almost forgot - I finished my first book for my challenge - An Invisible Thread - great book!  I think I am going to have the kiddos read it!

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