Thursday, January 1, 2015

A new year, a new start

And I am starting this year with several challenges!  I think that resolutions just set you up for failure - I mean, on December 31st who is saying "I kept all of my resolutions"  I have never heard anyone that has followed through on these.  Goals make much more sense to me.  I am taking it a teeny step further this year and I have joined several 'challenges' to get me through this year.

First, I have discovered my word for this year.  When I started seeing Facebook posts about One Word - I hadn't even given it a thought.  I think I stink at choosing things like this - so I wasn't even sure that I was going to pick a word for 2015.  Then, after I got to thinking (and chatting about things that are going on this year) I decided I wanted to make sure that I tried new things this year - not just wild, crazy, adventuresome type things, but just new things in general - just different.  The word I ended up with is Audacious. I will admit - it may be a stretch for me, as it means reckless, daring, but - dream big, right? Some of the other definitions for it are extremely original and without restriction to prior ideas and lively. I think these are more along the lines of what I am thinking with this.  I have joined and I think that being a part of a few challenges will help me do my best to live this word this year. 

The next challenge I am up against is a 2015 Reading Challenge.  The actual challenge comes from Sugar Pop - however, a friend found it and shared it with a couple of us and we started a challenge group on Facebook. Our little group has grown and we have a place to discuss the categories and the books we are reading. If I complete this challenge, then that makes 52 books read.  What I like about it - the categories - which will make me step outside the box with my reading!

Home Storage Solutions 101 has a Declutter 365 Challenge - the one I probably need the most!!  I hope that by participating in this challenge, it will spark something and I will be able to get my house decluttered and keep it that way & clean! With this one, I will have to get over my thoughts of it costs money or I can sell that and just get some of this junk out of here!  

I also found a money savings challenge - each week put money back -starting off with $1, increasing it by $1 each week and by the end of the year you have over $1000!  I did read the best way to save cash money is in a skinny neck bottle - roll it up and slip it in there and then it's stuck there until you cut the bottle open! Not sure how big of a bottle you would need to save like this though - I guess I can start with a regular water bottle and at the end of the month, start a new one - or maybe cut the first one open and condense some of those bills - so there are not tons of loose $1 taking up space.  This one I will have to play around with.

In working with the trying new things challenge/goal that I have this year - I am part of a New Recipe Challenge Group on FB.  I am such a picky eater - this one may be a hard one for me, but I am going to give it a try.  The challenge is a new recipe a week - the good thing is - it doesn't have to be a new food!  Just a new recipe.  Another good thing - this should help me keep up with my menu planning- that I have been doing pretty good with!  

The final two are kinda small, personal goals/challenges.  The first one is my blog - I started this blog as a way to keep up with the kiddos and their schooling and extra activities.  During 2014, I slacked.  There were several reasons - the main one being that blogger and my new windows 8 were not getting along and it was just a pain to deal with - so I didn't deal with it.  I have started drafts for all of what we did last year, so my plan for this year, as I blog 2015, is to also update 2014! So, if you are subscribed to my blog, bear with me, as I will be backdating these posts from last year - so things will make sense when my kiddos are older and want to look back on it!  I also started a new blog - that is more specific than this one - and I think I am going to move some of my posts from this one to my new one - those post that fit with my theme of my new one.  I will share that blog at a later date - when I get it like I want it and am happy with it! 

AND, finally - my health/weight/lupus.  I have a fitbit and I am going to do my best to wear it daily and log every piece of food that crosses my mouth!  I also have a elliptical machine that I need to start getting on daily - for at least a few minutes each day.  And when the weather is bearable, I will get out and walk and spend time on the trampoline with the kiddos.  Hopefully by the end of summer - I can even ride my bike!! 

So -there you have it - what I am up against this year!  In addition to normal life activities and trying to keep all of that organized and updated - I am taking on a few challenges!  Anyone care to join me in any of these?  Please comment here and we will figure out how to get you in one of the groups on FB or whatever else we need to do to connect on these issues!

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  1. I have started my money saving challenge....with a cereal box. I taped it up -- so I can't get into it....and there's a little slot at the top to fold up money and drop in.... we'll see how that works.


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