Thursday, December 12, 2013

Girl Scouts Christmas Party

First ~ these are the TWO BEST LADIES EVER!!!  This two precious ladies are my co-leaders and they are pretty awesome! 
Ok, now on to our Christmas gathering!  A few years ago, the girls wanted to make their Christmas Awards more of a party.  We started meeting at my house, to make it less formal.  They started out with cookie baking contest, and it has morphed into a dessert battle this year.  We have pizza, do awards, have dessert & vote and then exchange gifts.  We have done a variety of gift swaps also - from books to ornaments to drawing names.  This year, we did a true white elephant/dirty santa exchange - and they let the mom's play! The fought over prize gift was a painting that one of the mom's had done.  I ended up with a collection of happy meal toys!  Great times with my girls!!
Most of them - discussing how short I have become..
And my crazy drama girl - being herself!!

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