Friday, December 13, 2013

I can be crafty!!!

As a general rule, I am not the creative/crafty type - my sister got all of those genes from our family.  However, if someone holds my hand, I can usually limp through a project.  

At our Girl Scout Service Team Christmas Party, the leaders decided to do a craft instead of an ornament exchange.  Our host choose the Santa Wreath that she had seen on pinterest.

It was pretty easy - and I think there is cute potential for a few others (green for a grinch? white for a snowman. or even white with a hat to resemble santa's head)

Step by step - I made a cute wreath for our door:

Styrofoam wreath, 2 red feather boas- pin at one end and wrap...

Sparkly black ribbon for his belt...

Heavy cardstock buckle...

And hang...

Thought it was pretty cute until my brother in law asked if it was a Christmas decoration or from the Vegas strip.. 

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