Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vehicle hospital?

So, Roger go home before I did last night & noticed there was an obvious oil leak in the driveway where I park.  He checked and the oil was pretty low so he added some & told me not to go to far in it until I could get to the shop on Monday and get the oil changed.  

I went to church ( a mile away) and then to pick up Ry at inlaws (a mile away).  While I was there, fatherinlaw checked the oil and added more and let me know that there was something else leaking.  I left there, stopped at the Dollar General (on the way- to get oil) and drove it home and parked it.  When I got out, I noticed a pretty significant drip under the front - UGH!!  

Our friend, who used to be a mechanic, came over and dug around underneath the hood and decided that the radiator was busted.. UGH!  So, here we sit, waiting on a new radiator.  The van is a 2006 model and it has traveled far with us, about to hit 100,000 miles, so, I guess it is time to start replacing the pieces on the inside.  Meanwhile, we are borrowing the Tahoe from my inlaws. Nothing like spending extra money right here at Christmas time!!  I am thankful that we have a friend that can help us out with things like this!

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