Saturday, November 23, 2013

Survivor Camp 2013

Every year in November, Riley's Boy Scout Troop does a Survivor Camp-out.  The adults set up compass courses, shooting sports and several other types of survival skills competitions.  The boys are divided up into two patrols (seperate from their normal patrols) and they find out the week before the camp-out.  During this time, they have to come up with a patrol name, flag and yell for the camp-out.  In the past, we have also had our Troop family Thanksgiving meal.  This year, they changed it up a little and the teams had a chili cook-off!  It was SUPER cold this weekend, so - against all survivor nature - they packed up and came home Saturday night (the 'real-feel' forecast for overnight was 13* - I agree with the decision!)  

There were 7 Scouts, 2 Eagles and 3 adults.  Much smaller than the past, but I think - well, I know! - they all had a great time!  That was apparent as we all had a blast while we were out there for dinner!

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