Saturday, November 30, 2013

Review ~ Simply Put: A Study in Economics

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Economics can sound like a scary thing (well, it can be to some who don't quite understand it).  Having a curriculum that breaks it down where we (ok, I) can understand it has been a huge blessing! The kiddos and I have already discussed that at some point in time during their High School years, we are going to have to spend a semester studying Economics.  We have a mom in our local group that encourages this study, and they have taken a class at our local co-op, but none of that has counted for credit yet.  I like to think of those classes as an introduction to the subject.  

While I am still completely undecided on what our curriculum will be, I am really thinking that I will make my own from a few resources and use Simply Put: A Study in  Economics as my spine. We have started to read through this together, with a little discussion - thanks to the discussion questions for each chapter.  There is a mid-term, but we haven’t gotten that far. 

Simply Put: A Study in Economics was written by Catherine Jamie- a homeschool mom that has graduated 10 kiddos and still has 2 to go!! Simply Put has 36 short, simple lessons, with 5-7 review questions at the end of the book.  We have made it into a weekly lesson by reading, discussing the chapter, then answering and chatting about the review questions.  The lessons cover a wide array of topics, everything from supply and demand to earned wages.  We were able to easily identify with some of these lessons - chores, privileges, allowances - all of these things speak to my kiddos right now. 
SimplyPut is available as an ebook on CurrClick for $6.99, or as a paperback cover at The Blaze MarketPlace  for $25. It is also available at Amazon as a paperback and on the Kindle.

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