Friday, November 29, 2013

Annual Thanksgiving weekend tradition

Every year, Thanksgiving weekend, we head out to a local Christmas Tree Farm to cut down our tree.  We have had a live tree for Christmas every year since the kiddos were about 3. Roger and I help with picking out the tree, then the rest is on them!  

They both help with cutting the tree down.

Then we have to get it to the tractor!

Once we are home, they do the decorating.  Each of them have a large tote that has all of their Christmas ornaments and items from when they were little.  Our tree has always been decorated by them, with their ornaments.  

Before the decorating begins, they race to pop the tree open!  We pay the few dollars extra at the tree farm to have the tree wrapped.  Once home, they grab their scissors (or knife) and race to get the netting off the tree.  (I normally get pictures of this, but apparently this year I was more enthralled with the pups in their santa hats!).

Tree decorated - stockings were hung, but having the fire in the fireplace caused them to be cast aside for now.

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