Friday, August 30, 2013

Wrapping up a great week!!

We ended up having a great week!  We were back on track with kiddos schooling AND we finished the week COMPLETELY CAUGHT UP!!! Not bad for only 4 weeks into school to FINALLY get on track!  

We had Boy Scouts Tuesday evening and it was Board of Review.  One of the other committee members spent some time over here Wednesday helping me make sure I had all 43! Merit Badges and 5 Ranks entered and figured out correctly.  My first time since I took over the Advancement Chair that I was a little nervous.. even Thursday when I was picking everything up, I was still scared that I may have missed someone's something!  Surely they will forgive me - being new AND with all we have been through in the past 3 months!  She was gracious enough to hold my hand at the scout shop as well! 

I had a follow-up with my Rheumey on Thursday, she says my infection areas are looking great.  She (being the PA) said that her and my doctor were seriously fighting for me and my medications right now - between the health insurance and the drug company and my fighting for disability - some of the things she told me make me really know that they are working and fighting for me.  She made my day!  Looking forward to hopefully a great phone call next week - please pray!!

While I was at our Girl Scout meeting, cleaning and organizing our scout room (finally, after about 3 years?), all of my 542 Boy Scouts were at the school for rally night and they signed up 20! new cubs!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!?

This morning, I had an early morning appt with the surgeon (and was released from his care!) and tons of errands, and finally ... grocery shopping for next week.  Kiddos and Roger loaded up and headed to the deer woods.. I'm headed to bed now, because I am getting up first thing in the morning and have a HUGE surprise for my kiddos.... gonna be a long day... 

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