Saturday, August 31, 2013

Huge surprise for the kiddos ~

as well as the rest of Roger's family!

Since Roger and the kiddos went to the deer woods Friday morning, not due home until Saturday afternoon, I made plans with Roger's cousin to meet halfway and bring him home for September.  (had I been thinking, Roger would have not even known).  

I have been chatting with Zac and Uncle Mike for the past week or so and we had it all planned out.  Roger was the only one who knew and he struggled keeping quiet.  Anyways, I left out Saturday morning and headed to West Memphis.  We were due to meet at the Cracker Barrel at 12noon and I pulled in at exactly then & got a text from Zac at the same time saying they were running late... no biggie though - I was at Cracker Barrel!  Time to shop!!

Zac arrived and Uncle Mike and Jackie gave us some homemade watermelon and homemade grape jelly!  We loaded up and headed back towards Little Rock!  While the ride there was peaceful and I thoroughly enjoyed it, the ride home was great because we hadn't visited with Zac since last year!  Was great for us to catch up in that ride.

Kiddos and Rog were home when we arrived, they were both super surprised to see him. I found out that he and Samantha had skyped or fb messaged over the past few months and she had expressed that she hoped she could see him before he left for the Air Force.  Since I knew she was wanting to see him, she was over-excited that he was here!

So, for the next month (or so?) we will have an extra mouth to feed, an extra (almost) adult, and some great memories to be made while Zac is here - before he heads off to basic.

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