Friday, August 23, 2013

Field Trip Friday ~

We had a fairly normal week around here... my doctor appts have cut back - still having to go because of this infection - but they were less frequent this past week.  While still not having as much school work done as I had on the calendar, we are getting there.  Fortunately for me, I didn't have lessons planned out in my book past this next week, so we will just work through this week in catching up, and then I will adjust and start over for September.  After I realized that, my stress level went down. Now, it's just a matter of finding time to get lessons planned!! 

I know I have discussed before the lady that is part of our HS group who has really been focusing on the teens and doing a 'career focus' with them.  They have been to a few colleges and several other career related trips.  Our first one for this year, Dempsey Bakery!  A local bakery that is gluten and allergen free - absolutely no nuts, and they offer egg/dairy free selections as well.

 This was a very enlightening trip for me.  We do not have allergy problems, and with the exception of one sweet child (still calls me mom) that I took care of YEARS ago, I really have never had to deal with allergies.   I don't think about it.  It's no disrespect or insensitivity intended on my part, we don't have to worry about them, so I honestly don't think about it.  Never really had to.  

My eyes were opened that day when Teddy and Gizmo came in while we were there. (you can see them on the fb page).  I don't know if it wa planned, or total coincidence... but it worked!  Teddy has such a severe peanut allergy that Gizmo is with him 24/7 and able to sniff them out and keep Teddy away from him. WOW!! so severely allergic that he has a service dog.  I FREAKED OUT!!  We had seriously just downed our lunch from Chic Fil A and I was ready to leave the store since the child came in with his service dog!!  I told the kiddos to put their hands in their pockets and stay away from Teddy and Gizmo!!  (we went and washed thoroughly as soon as we were able to sneak away!!).

So, during our tour of the bakery, we actually got to go into the kitchen and learn how and what they do.  Their bakers come in at midnight and work all night long to make the speciality foods.  They make special order birthday cakes for kiddos with allergy issues.  We even learned (and a few got to try their hand at) some of their decorating tips!!

Once the bakers had shared some of their deepest secrets with us, we were given a chocolate chip mini-muffin (could I have asked for anything more? My absolute favorite!!).  The kiddos and I had to purchase a few more goodies & we took some up to Roger at the fire station!

Has to be one of the best, most informational trips I have ever been on!!

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