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SchoolHouse Review Crew: Doorposts ~ Because you are strong

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When it comes to finding devotional books for the kiddos - Samantha, no problem, there are all kinds for teen girls.  Riley, not so much.  

When Because You Are Strong from Doorposts became available - I was pretty excited.  I love Doorposts.  I have followed the blog for a while, and just recently worked through an online Bible Study with them.  I knew that whatever they had to offer would be great.  

When it came in the mail, I looked it over and thought it looked pretty intense, but simple enough as well.  There are 12 sections, with 5 days in each.  He wasn't over-thrilled, because there is a bit of writing, but after the first few days, he realized it wasn't horrible and he could handle it! Even though it would be great if he could (would) express himself and fill up all of those lines that made it looks so scary to him, he quickly realized that even though there was that much space, he didn't have to fill ALL of the lines!!  

When I asked him what he thought about the book, his reply was that he enjoyed working through it. I asked of he felt like he was learning anything from it, I really liked his answer - he didn't feel like he was learning much about the Bible (which is where I guess he thought this was going to take him), but more about himself by working through this. 

After lunch, we have a bit of quiet time, just a bit of a brain break.  During this time, he works on this on his own.  The first few days, I had to remind him, but he has started working on it without the reminder.  He has come to me a couple of times and asked questions, but for the most part he has done pretty good doing this. He is still being kind of shy about sharing the book with me. In fact, when I asked him for pictures for the review, he told me he would find the pages I could take photos of because he didn't want what he was writing posted on my blog. 

Doorposts also has Beauty In The Heart that is designed for young ladies.  I did check out the sample download and it is comparable to the young mens' study.  After having Riley work though a few weeks of it, it became apparent to me that this was way more than 'just a devotional'. This is something that makes the kiddos think, and to dig deeper into the Bible - and more!  We have learned a little more about what topical bibles are and how to do a bit more research than just using our personal bibles.  Samantha has been working on some other reviews for me, so Beauty in the Heart may be a gift for her later this year!

Because You Are Strong is available in a soft cover book currently marked down to $12.00, or ebook for $10.00. You can also follow Doorposts on Facebook, as well as their blog!

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