Wednesday, August 21, 2013

*NOT* Back to School Donuts!!

Most successful kick-off yet!!

When the kiddos and I started homeschooling - in Kindergarten - we always started the beginning of August.  On the first day of public school, we would go to IHOP for breakfast to celebrate NOT going back to school and basically take that day off and have a fun day!

After we started making friends, we invited others to join us.  After some discussion, we moved our little party to the local donut shop.  As our group expanded, we were more spread out, so we started breaking up and meeting at donut shops throughout the few cities we are involved in. As things evolved and more people started showing up, we decided to meet for donuts and then find a park to run out energy off!!  

This year, after several of the families changing their eating habits, donuts were not the best option for everyone, so we decided to do a Bring Your Own Breakfast and we met all met at a centrally located park!  There were about 25 families there to celebrate kicking off the new school year!  Looking forward to all this year holds for us with these great families who have become great friends!!

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