Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Homeschooling High School

I'm not there - yet.  However, it is sneaking up on me.  I have been collecting resources, taking notes, reading books, just general preparing for the high school level.

I have a couple of sources I want to share.

The first one is Central AR Homeschoolers - my local homeschool group.  There are wonderful moms in there who have been there, done that and are a wealth of information!  In the past, we have done a Homeschooling High School Roundtable event.  It didn't go as the presenters had planned, but there was plenty of information.  The main thing I took from that event was Scholaric.  I also took several notes about how many credits and when they should get them- along with some curriculum recommendations.  Another note I have on these papers that stands out is - check with the college and see what their requirements are - but don't forget to check with your state law and make sure you follow it as well.

My next resource is Education Alliance- Arkansas's homeschool backbone. They have a list of support groups, they offer transcripts and they host the graduation each year for the Seniors.  I also have a paper labeled Smart Core Information Graduation Requirements 2012-2014 school years.  It is a page of general information for homeschool families.  I know I will need an update, since we are Class of 2018, but it's a start - surely it won't change much over the next few years.  This page- well pages - is basically a break down of the credits and what can count for what.  I also have a handout of High School Resources - it is several pages of recommended high school classes, discussion of SAT Dates, and action plans for each grade.  The appendix's (is that right?) include selecting your courses, college check list, creating a resume as well as a couple of others.

Somehow, in all of my papers, I ended up with an Order of Planning notes - stating after you find out graduation requirements - 1. make a 4 year plan, 2. Make a course checklist, 3. Make a course of study, 4. Make Lesson Plans - somewhere between  1& 3 chose books/curriculum.  I would also like to add to this - include your kiddos!  Get their input about what they want to learn!!

The last couple of pages I have in my notes are a pull out from Savvy Kids (a Little Rock Magazine) that is a timeline for preparing for college, a list of a few websites that may help -Well Trained Mind, Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, and Happy Housewife. has a 4 year chart that will help with planning out their highschool years!

One of the last few resources I want to share - High School Prep Genius.  A book I reviewed back a couple of months ago.  I LOVE this book.  A few friends have asked to borrow it, but I just can't let it go.  I have written in it - trying to combine all the notes and such I have to ease my mess - I have taken so many notes in it and I use it frequently for reference - it may just be because I am trying to plan school? but I feel like I am in it all the time.  One thing it suggests is a binder for their high school years - keep up with their classes, their extras, their volunteer hours, that way when it is time to prepare transcripts, portfolios and whatever else the college wants - it's all right there.  This book is one worth it if you have kiddos in 7thgrade and up - yes, it suggests starting at the 7th grade level.

Finally, the reason I felt prompted to write this post.  I was able to sit in on a webinar put on by Lee Binz and Heidi St. John - Homeschool Parents Guides to High School Grades, Credits and Transcripts.  Lee runs TheHomeScholar and it is PACKED with information.  I did get a few things from the webinar, but for the most part it was a lot of repeat of my notes.

If you have any additional resources/ideas that you would like to share - please do so!!  Also, if you have any questions about the specifics of any of the resources I listed, please ask!


  1. Wow! It sounds like you're becoming well-prepared! I only homeschooled one of my kids for a short period of time. I'm a teacher at a private school as well. I commend you for homeschooling all the way through and for doing your research. I really believe in home education and in individualized education based on each child's needs and interests. I love how you're going to include your kids in what they want to learn.

  2. I so admire you for homeschooling HIGH SCHOOL! It sounds like you are planning ahead very well, and no doubt you will learn a lot over the next four years also! Education is so much more advanced now than it was when I was in school, and I would run away screaming if someone said I had to homeschool at this level! BRAVO to you!

  3. I read several reviews for High School Prep Genius at Let's Homeschool High School

    It is my fave site for high school related stuff. I have even contributed some articles.

    My daughter started high school last year and we kinda muddled through. I let it intimidate me. We had used Time4Learning when she was younger but their program stops after 8th grade. Well, not anymore! They just announced they are offering high school courses for this year. Lots of the lessons are video lessons and are the teachers do an awesome job presenting. I only know because we were fortunate enough to be able to preview some of the math and history lessons. My daughter and I both liked them. She is a right-brained visual learner so they work great for her. I like that they also do the record keeping so I can easily transfer everything to her transcript. I am soooo excited.

    You are very wise to start now. I encourage you to check out They have lots of stuff for preparing for high school and college.

    Here is the link to the new high school courses:



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