Thursday, July 18, 2013

Christy the Coupon Coach ~ A SchoolHouse Crew Review

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Do you coupon? Are you an 'extreme' couponer?  I use coupons - but I am no where near extreme.  I do have a binder, with baseball card sleeves- but it's not huge with 15 copies of each coupon. It was just what worked best for me for organizing.  

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I have read a couple of coupon books before, but it just didn't click with me on the *HOW* of couponing really worked.  Christi the Coupon Coach breaks is down for us in Couponing Made Simple - an easy to read and follow format.  I do think I learned some from reading this book, but I know there was a lot of it that I knew - just wasn't putting things into practice. 

During this review period, I gave some of the ideas a try.  I did not go get several newspapers and I do not stock very large right now.  I am working on building some extras, but I am not to the point where I feel we need 100 rolls of paper towels- even if I get them for .02cents each... I just can't wrap my brain around having SO MUCH extra!!  

However, I did put many of her other ideas into practice!  I use a coupon site that helps with matching up sales and coupons.  Over the past few weeks, I have been comparing stores and searching for coupons and making extra stops to get some good deals!  Walgreens is in between me and the grocery store, so it is not to hard to stop in there and grab a few deals!  

The main issue I have with using coupons, I shop and several mom and pop type stores around here - that I love and won't give up for a bargain.  So, I can't use my coupons at these stores, but it's worth it to me.  Another thing that slows me down with the coupons.  These extremers can save $99 on a $100 grocery bill- not everything I but comes with a coupon.  So, I have to spend full price for somethings, that makes it look like I didn't fare well in the venture. I do think if I just purchased what I had coupons for (which is what I think the did on that show) then I think I would do fairly well.  Just last week, I saved $75 on a $300 grocery bill - I was pretty excited about that!!

So, it probably sounds like I wasn't crazy about this book, but  I truly was.  It was full of ideas and information.  If you are NEW to coupons - I highly recommend the book!!  It would be a great resource to get you started!!  You can get it at Christi the Coupon Coach at amazon for $18.00.


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  1. I'm certainly not an extreme "couponer" either. Whenever I buy online though, I always do make sure to use a coupon. It's so easy now because I can just search in Google for a coupon. But when I shop in stores, I usually don't bring coupons with me. What coupon site do you use?

  2. I use coupons and ebates for online shopping and them look for deals in the stores I'm in. I don't use most of the products or services I see coupons for, though.


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