Friday, July 19, 2013

First CERT Class

So, I have been working with a guy associated with FEMA to set up a Teen CERT Class.  I have been emailing and calling and searching on how to set this up for almost 2 years and I FINALLY got in touch with someone!!  He helped me get started - let me know what I needed to do and we have formed a TEEN TEAM!

Our first class - Introduction to CERT, how it works, what they do and what they need (and they will get one!).  He also touched on Terrorism and explained a little about that and what is considered terrorism, and how we should respond to an act like that.

CERT stands Community Emergency Response Team.  The main focus is for adults in the community, but they offer a teen level that is a little watered down to make sense to them.  CERT teaches the kiddos that in a time of an emergency - no matter how large or small.  We have learned that when something happens, we start with ME.  He taught how it is like a ripple effect when you start helping in an emergency - start with yourself.  If you are ok, then move to your family. Take care of them and their needs. Then move to the neighbors.   He did talk about always safety first - never put yourself in danger.

The chances of them ever needing any of this they learn are very slim, but they will know what to do in case of any emergency.  During this 24hour course, they will learn First Aid, CPR, Fire Suppression, and even touch on the psychology part of things - how to handle and deal with yourself and emotions during and after any emergency situation.

During they course, they will learn to make an emergency bag - that has three days worth of food/water/medicine/other needs.  When they complete the course, they will receive a CERT  bag-

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