Monday, July 8, 2013

Dig-It Games ~ A SchoolHouse Crew Review

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Like computer games?  Well, I guess that should say does your kiddo like computer games?  If so, check out Mayan Mysteries from Dig-It Games

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Samantha loves computer games.  When this game came up for review, I knew she would love it. And, for the most part, she has.  She has played it when she has had computer time over the review period and hasn't said much about it except that she was playing it.  At one point in time, I asked her about it and she said she was done with it.  I thought she meant she had beat the game, but, no.. it meant she was done playing.  When I asked why, she told me that she got to a point where she was stuck and couldn't get much further.  At this point, I told her I would help her out, since I needed some information about it for the review.  Yeah, I know why she was done... I didn't get much further than she did.. I can't do the math part! LOL ~ we are both stuck now!  My plans are to get Riley in on it since he is my math guru!!

Anyways... up until we were stopped... we both enjoyed playing the game.  You start out on a trek to catch those who are robbing the archaeologist of ancient artifacts.  During this trek, you are faced with different challenges- anywhere from searching for hidden objects to answering a few questions after reading about the different cultures.  Samantha loved the hidden objects - the reading comprehension parts were not her favorite.

So, I ask Riley to check it out for us.  He wasn't much better at the math part of it.  However, he is not my computer games person and he told me a couple of times that he was not interested in the game.  When we first started playing, I had the thought that it may be for kiddos younger than my 13 year olds.. but now, I am not so sure...  

Dig-It Games has an online version available for $21.99. There is also a version for the iPad for $9.99.  Please visit the Crew Blog and check out what other crew members had to say.

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