Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cozi. com

Are you familiar with it?  A couple of days ago in my post about my planner, I mentioned  Cozi is an Internet based calendar - that also has an app - that ALL members of my family use!  We all four have the app and our own colors.  They are pretty good about checking the calendar and adding their events to it. is more than a calendar though!  It has several other features that we all use - and it seriously helps tremendously with the four of us communicating as well as staying organized!!

Calendar - like I said, the calendar is Internet based, so it updates immediately!  Each of us have the app, and each of us have our own color -plus one for everyone.  The app has a feature where you can see the entire calendar (my first choice - so I know what is going on with everyone) OR you can see individual colors/people!  That feature works great for the kiddos because they can look at what THEY have to do and not worry about rest of what the family.  The calendar has a repeat feature that has allowed me to enter hubby's weird schedule - I set it to go through the end of the year, then about November I will update to go through the end of next year. There is also a setting (accessed from the computer) that allows you to add other Internet calendars - such as different religious holidays, school calendars or even sport teams calendars.  The thing about that is- the school or sports team has to have an iCal or something that can be imported- I haven't used this feature though.  We have been using Cozi for several years and I can't imagine not having it!

To Do Lists - this has come in handy as well!  On the feature, you have the option to make several lists.  We have a main to-do for each of us (colors again), then I have one that is errands and one that is call.  When any of us think of something that we need to do while we are out on errand day, it gets added to the list.  When I get ready to head out, I can organize my list and put it in the order I intend to take care of these errands.  If hubby thinks of anything he needs me to do - he can add it to my list and it will get taken care of. My call list is kind of the same way - it's not as used as my errand list.  Currently, we have a Lake Prep and Gather for Lake - as we think of things we need to do before the lake or take to the lake - any of us can add to the list!  During different seasons of our lives, we have had various lists to help us prepare for stuff that is going on.  

Shopping List - this has been used almost as much as the calendar!  There is the option to make several lists on this section as well. Currently I have different stores listed - anything from the dollar tree to the produce market.  Hubby is able to add to this as he notices things at work that he needs, the kiddos add to it when we run out of something, I even have a Girl Scout list!  For when we have things going on with Scouts - I can check it when I am out shopping.  There is also the option to rearrange the order of these lists, which helps when we are at the store - for the ones I know the order of the store I can easily put them in order to make it through the store in shorter time. 

Journal - this section has not been as used as much.  However, we have used it when we were out of town or doing something that I wanted to remember later for my blog.  It is an easy way to take notes and even capture a photo with it.  There are several ways that this can be used, but I just haven't quite figured out how to make it work for us -besides the logging our vacation.

So, while I love my paper calendar, and it has it's place in my life - as long as we are homeschooling the kiddos - the has been the best app that we have downloaded since we have had the iPhones!


  1. Thanks Christa for this info. Good to meet you. I am from the Blog Marathon. Blessings of happiness.

  2. Hey Crista, Thanks for the info. visiting you from UBC.


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