Sunday, July 7, 2013


Ever hear of Brownielocks? One of my favorite websites I came across when my kiddos were younger.  We  enjoyed what it had to offer back when they were little, but I am finding that we enjoy it just as much now as we did when they were little!  

Brownielocks: Holiday's and Fun for Everyone is one of the best "everyday's a Holiday" type website.  I usually sit down with it a couple of times every year and add some of the dates to our calendar so we can 'observe' these holidays!  

Some of our favorites have been chocolate chip cookie day, FREE pancake day, hot dog day and national french fry day!  We put these days on our calendar and work our day or menu around the fun stuff!  If I am on top of my game, I work our lesson plans around some of these dates as well.  They offer Daily, Weekly, Monthly Official  (Not Made Up) Bizarre, Crazy, Goofy, Silly, Dumb, Strange, Wacky, Weird,  Unknown, Respected & Traditional Holidays!

If you homeschool - or just enjoy spending silly time with your kiddos - check out the website and put some of these silly things on your calendar!!

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