Saturday, May 4, 2013

So proud!!

Both Roger and I have been trying to do better about what we are eating, exercising a little more and just taking care of ourselves in general.  Roger started the C25K app (I tried, but I just don't have the lung capacity for it - I do good to get a good mile walk in before my chest is hurting and I can't breather).  Anyways, he started running and has really enjoyed it.  After talking with a friend, they signed up for a 5K together... It was definitely motivation for him to work on it!

His first 5K was the ToadSuckRun and it was a pretty cold, drizzly, rainy morning & Ry had a ballgame a very soon after!  The kiddos and I got up and were able to make it to the starting line as they were singing the National Anthem, then we went to the field house for a few ~ to stay warm!!  When the crowd started cheering about the first runner about to come in, we went out to the field to watch for the guys.

They ran (ran the whole time) in right at 28 minutes.  We were pretty proud of both of them! (although Mike is a seasoned runner and has ran marathons).

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