Monday, May 6, 2013

Everything is coming to an end....

Like I said in a previous post ~ it's the time of the year that everything is wrapping up!  Sadly, today was our last Class Day until fall.  The kiddos love going to Class Day - even though it is bright and early on Monday morning!  

This year, they both participated in P.E., and Economics and enjoyed them both!  Samantha was also in an Art Class, while Riley took Spanish.  I think these were their favorites.  

We are already signed up for next semester.  They are both signed up for P.E. and Junk Drawer Robots, while Samantha is taking Health and Riley is taking Drama.  I am signed up to teach the Robot class, and I am pretty excited about it!!  I am using the 4H Curriculum as a guide.  The Drama class is going to be fun for Riley ~ they are going to write a play, make costumes and props and put on the show!  How fun will that be??

I look forward to Class Day, because I love the kiddos that they hang out with!  And I love hanging out with the other moms!  We can't leave the grounds during our time out of class, so it's time we get to sit and chat!  

I know once we get through summer camps and camping trips then the kiddos will start counting down the days....

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