Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spanish For You: Estaciones~ SchoolHouse Review Crew

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Riley has been taking Spanish each week at our co-op.  When Spanish for You became available as a review for the Crew, I thought it would be great for him to have the reinforcement.  We were chosen to review Estaniones. 

The complete theme package: Seasons, is available for grades 3-8. Package includes a soft cover book, weekly lesson guide,audio files of entire book as an MP3 download, downloadable flashcards.  The entire package is available for $64.95  There are other themes available and these can be used in any order.  

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We used Spanish for You! four days a week, following the lesson plans as suggested.  The lessons were great for my kiddos and I think the audio files were what helped so much - because we were able to hear the correct pronunciation of the letters and sounds.  We will continue to work our way through the lessons - through next year when we do the 8th grade level.

The main issue I had with the program was it was very confusing in the beginning.  There was a lot to download and sort through, and to me, it was very confusing.  It took me a while to sort out what was what and when it was supposed to be used and with what.  Once I figured out how it all went together, it seemed easier.  Check out what the others had to say about Spanish for You!


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