Saturday, April 13, 2013

Knowledge Quest - Sacajawea: SchoolHouse Review Crew

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We were given the opportunity by Knowledge Quest to review their complete ebook Sacagawea (Brave Explorers Every Child Should Know).  All four parts of this Saga (Stolen, Passage, Survival & Equal) are streamlined into one complete ebook and the book is available through Amazon for $4.97.  

The complete saga of Sacagawea (Brave Explorers Every Child Should Know) is a 16 chapter pdf file. I started off with it on my computer, but that was causing sharing issues (like I didn't want to share my computer!). I toyed with the idea of printing it, so they could read it on their own, but when I thought about it, it would take away the cool part, so I emailed it to them to read on their computers or phones. I know that there is probably a way to get it where they could read it on their Nook, but I couldn't figure it out. Their Nook would have taken away one of the cool things also!  I think my kiddos favorite thing about the ebook was there were reference links throughout the book, which took us to some really cool websites -AKA the cool stuff!!

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This didn't really fit in as a bonus for anything we are working on right now, so I let it be an extra assignment over the review period.  They were to read the assigned chapters and be ready to talk about them.  It was a fairly easy read, and even with Spring Break, we were able to get the entire book read.  Once we discussed what they had read, then they were allowed to go back and checkout the web links that were in the book.  

Overall, I don't think it was Riley's favorite, but I think Samantha may have enjoyed it.  She said it reminded her of the American Girl books about Kaya that she has enjoyed reading lately.

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