Monday, April 15, 2013

E is for...


Blogging Through the Alphabet

Eagle Scout is probably the most popularly known level of Boy Scout.  Eagle Scout is also one of the hardest ranks to earn.  Mostly, it involves being a good scout and helping the others, but by the time you earn Eagle, you have done over 21 Merit Badges.  THOSE are the hard part!!  

Riley is working hard to get to the rank of Eagle Scout.  He is currently a Star, next comes Life, then Eagle.  Most scouts (especially in our troop - but others I have known as well) are pushing to make rank by their 18th birthday.   Riley is well on his way and if he continues at the pace ~ and with the effort and enthusiasm  then he *could* make Eagle before he is 14, but most likely it will be 15 -which is still young!  

So, off to work on those Merit Badges.. anyone know anything about Environmental Science??  LOL

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