Thursday, April 18, 2013

Samantha's Silver in progress...

Being a Cadette, Samantha has the opportunity to earn her Silver Award in Girl Scouts.  She is working with another troop member and they have decided to build bat houses for the three local animal shelters.  They have done and spoke with two of them, and we are in the process of making time for the third one!  During the time they have been doing this, we have also made contact with one of the city parks and they have requested a couple of houses to be places near the pond by city hall.  They are going to end up making about 10 houses to be place in various locations around central Arkansas.  I haven't gotten any photos - because they haven't had any action shots.  Hopefully during the summer, they will get going on this and knock it out while they are out of school and get it done!  I will update as it moves along!

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